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    Few projects take on a life larger than themselves like entertainment based facilities. We work to create not just a building, but an overall experience that visitors can take home with them, but that will also bring them back. Projects such as these are truly exciting for us, and with that excitement comes an innately a higher level of attention to the quality of our work. Hessert’s experience with zoos and aquariums puts us in a particularly elite class when it comes to this type of work, as very few contractors have ever coordinated construction with husbandry.

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      • Arboretum Storage Building and Memorial Park
      • Camp Garrison
      • McNeil Avian Center at the Philadelphia Zoo
      • New Jersey State Aquarium
      • Houston Ballet Academy
      • Ritz Twelve Movie Theater
      • Woodcrest Country Club
    In a construction management situation, Hessert functions as a fully engaged client representative. Through their focus on serving their client, they eliminate a tremendous amount of stress and uncertainty, adding to the efficiency and ultimate quality of a projectBrian DuVall President and CEO New Jersey State Aquarium


    Philadelphia Zoo – Big Cat FallsPhiladelphia zooView Case Study
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