Hessert realizes the importance of pre-construction in the overall success of a project. Our experienced staff has performed these services consistently in the past with great success through providing detailed and accurate estimates and schedules off any level of documents. We take great pride in our ability to perform these tasks internally based on our extensive knowledge of the marketplace and our database of the subcontractor community. By providing estimates and schedules, our team will be able to track and meet a client’s goals and expectations.

    Construction Plans





    Design/Build Construction is one of our main focuses. We can help take any owner from concept through the construction process, while working with the Owner and Architect as a partner. Design Build projects help keep construction time to a minimum, as design and construction activities can overlap. Our focus on designing a project to keep ongoing maintenance costs in mind helps the Owner recognize where and how he can plan now for future occupancy and operations. Both these factors may help keep costs low during the planning, design, and construction phases, and result in earlier use of the facility.

    Ribbon Cutting

    Select Bid

    Hessert has the capacity to bid single or multiple prime projects in the $100,000 to $100,000,000 range. We can provide bonding as required for any projects. Through our detailed take-off methodology, we strive to see each detail in the project during the bid phase by visualizing and troubleshooting the project before it’s even been bid.


    Construction Management

    Hessert can manage all aspects of a construction project, from selecting a site, to design review, schedule management, change review, and commissioning. We are here to make your life easier, and to truly make the construction phase a fun process.


    Owner’s Representation

    Hessert can help owners focus on their business, and not spend all their time on their project. From concept through completion, Hessert can help represent the owner, and manages project details in order to realize their occupancy goals.


    Guaranteed Max Price (GMP)

    No matter where an owner is in the design process, from entirely conceptual to construction documents, Hessert can deliver a Guaranteed Max Price to complete a project. We will then work with the owner and architect to bring together a quality product under the established budget.




    Hessert maintains in-house BIM capabilities. The use of BIM has reshaped how our services are provided. Hessert’s use of BIM empowers the entire project team to better control and more accurately track the project from pre-construction through construction. Construction details and building systems coordination can be worked out with greater precision earlier in the project documentation with the BIM Model. Discussions and trading model information with consultants, trades, vendors, and fabricators can reveal more efficient construction approaches and identify constructability issues, realizing potential cost savings. Lastly, a BIM model gives the Owner a working 3D model of their building and various components, enabling the Owner to reduce operations and maintenance costs and expenses.